Can we wear our mask in peace?

I keep seeing post making all kinds of ridiculous judgements about people wearing mask.  “Oh, the media has them scared” “They just want everyone to think they’re better” “Y’all look so stupid in mask” etc.  The fact is you don’t know why we wear mask, not that it’s even your business anyway.  Maybe that person has a compromised system even tho they look healthy.  Maybe that person is sick and don’t want to spread germs freely to others.  Maybe that person has just lost someone from COVID19 and is scared outta their mind.  Or maybe the media and that person’s anxiety just isn’t mixing well.  

   I’ll tell you why I wear a mask, not that I owe anyone an explanation.  When I get in a Lyft and the driver has on a mask, I have no idea why he’s masked. Sick? Scared? I don’t know and it’s not really my business but out of respect for what obviously makes that person feel safer, I will also where my mask. When I go into a store, there’s people everywhere in mask including the workers.  Maybe they are mandatory or maybe they are just scared given the rising numbers of COVID cases. I don’t know and again it’s not my business.  Maybe that person doing essential shopping has terrible anxiety about the world today.  I don’t know, but if me wearing my mask can put a mind at ease, make a worker feel safer, or protect others from germs I may not know I have, what does it hurt really? Nobody is going to die from wearing a mask but many lives could be saved.

   I couldn’t care less if I look stupid to you or if you think I’m scared of media hype.  Point, laugh, roll your eyes, whatever makes you feel better about your unmaskedness (yep, I’m made that word up) or you can just look away at one of the millions of other things to see in the world.  In the meantime, try putting that energy towards something more useful, like being part of the solutions instead of the problems.  Please and thank you❤️

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