Happy World Emoji Day!

Who doesn't love emojis, right?  My 👧🏽 is actually having her 8th birthday an emoji themed 🥳.

Watch here for some Fun Friday Fun Facts then ☑️ below for even more about #WorldEmojiDay 🗺🤩

 The original set of 176 emoji now resides in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.🗽 Invented by Shigetaka Kurita in Japan, and were first seen on Japanese mobile phones in 1999.

What if you are on a regular computer ⌨️?

I remember when I didn't have a cellphone, I kept a handy emoji copy-and-paste cheat sheet saved on my 🖥.  You can go to 👉🏾 getemoji.com or iemoji.com for cheat sheets 👍🏾.


Some emoji can have multiple meanings, or different meanings in different cultures.  

If ever in doubt of the meaning of what you’re sending, best to check using emojipedia.org


Did you know that not all platforms use the same emoji for the same thing, so you might be inadvertently confusing receivers of your messages?

From Investigating the Potential for Miscommunication Using Emoji



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