How Bombshells Light The World...

In this moment in time, there is only one thing for a Bombshell to do!🦄....

Blessed Bombshells all over the US were asked to send in "let It Shine" video no matter how bad or fabulous.  This is the creation that was born.  We are the Blessed Bombshell and when faced with darkness or adversity or quarantine, we choose to let our lights shine!

Thanks to our fearless leader Miss Marilyn A. Chivetta and our amazing band of Bombshell sisters and brothers.

Join our Bombshell family!

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  • Love the video. And love all the great things about prouduct and the sell rep.
    Never love jewelry as much as i do now $5 dollar make you feel like refreshing (big bucks).❤❤

    Deborah Johnson

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