Let's Celebrate!




Read to the end to find out you can get your CELEBRATE convention ticket absolutely FREE!

When Paparazzi launched ten years ago, it was with a leap of faith. Without knowing the true extent of the journey we were about to embark on, we shared a bold vision: show the world that confidence can change the world. This year, that vision turns TEN! That's TEN years of $5 habits being fed. TEN years of individuals discovering financial freedom. TEN years of empowerment.

TEN years of parties. TEN years of changing the world, $5 at a time.

Now, it's time to CELEBRATE!!

As a Paparazzi Consultant, you have a million reasons to CELEBRATE! There are individuals who were once unable to look someone in the eye and can now CELEBRATE their ability to go Live on Facebook to thousands. Some get to CELEBRATE a weekend getaway without stressing about

bills going unpaid, while others CELEBRATE the newfound friendships they've discovered.

On a daily basis, you get to CELEBRATE bling and the confidence it brings by watching your customers light up. You get to CELEBRATE unbelievable connections with jewelry fanatics and $5 family members you never thought you'd meet. You get to CELEBRATE your 
successes—no matter the scale—and help others CELEBRATE theirs. And you get to CELEBRATE that moment you realized you were ready for more than you'd settled for.

Join us this fall for a party a decade in the making. Together, we'll CELEBRATE all that Paparazzi

has become. The connections it's created. The empowerment it's brought. And – the magic that started it all - that famous $5 bling! But most importantly, we'll get to CELEBRATE YOU!

After nearly two years since we were last together, we are more than ready to party. Are you ready?



​Are you ready to join us and the hottest party of the year!?

Ticket sales open May 18, 2021 to Paparazzi Accessories consultants only at the price of $245 each.!    

But no worries, not only can you go through a consultant (me) to purchase your ticket, you can become a Paparazzi Accessories fashion consultant in 3, 2, 1!  With kits starting at just $99.

Or take advantage of the 1 time offer to receive a full 50% commission where you not only get 200 pieces of inventory hand-selected to offer your customers a broad variety of the finest Paparazzi fashions in every color, but you get a FREE CONVENTION TICKET WITH OUR $499 Home Party Kit!

That's right, get all the bang for your buck when you fully stock your new Paparazzi Accessories business and claim YOUR FREE TICKET to the BIGGEST PARTY OF THE YEAR!  And did I mention it will be held at the iconic MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.

- Love, Peace, & Bling 


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