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7 Best Marketing Ideas for Senior Entrepreneurs

Written By: Carla Lopez

Senior entrepreneurs face unique challenges when marketing a business, especially in the digital world. No matter your niche or what you’re selling, here are seven of the best marketing ideas that you can use to attract new customers and successfully market your business online and offline.

1. Partner With Other Businesses

By partnering with other companies, you can cross-promote and avoid expensive marketing techniques. Consider offering free samples or coupons to entice people into giving your product a try. Try networking with other small businesses in Chattanooga; many owners are happy to pass along customers if it means they get more business in return.

2. Create a Detailed LinkedIn Profile

Aside from its value as a social network, LinkedIn is one of your most powerful marketing tools. With access to more than 830 million users, it’s an effective tool for business networking. Ensure your profile is detailed and contains relevant accolades, projects you’ve worked on, recommendations (if possible), and even online portfolios or links to media coverage.

3. Design an Attractive Website That Converts

People don't like to visit unattractive websites that lack features. Build an easy-to-use, visually appealing site that entices people to take action. Hiring a professional designer can be expensive, but plenty of DIY design options are available. Shopify or WordPress themes are a great starting point.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a process that helps your website appear higher in search results by employing on-page and off-page tactics. On-page tactics include adding keywords and blog content. Off-page means building high-quality backlinks from other websites on related topics.

5. Use Remarketing Ads

Remarketing helps you get seen by potential clients already looking at your business. For example, if someone browses through your website and then leaves without making a purchase, you can show that person ads on other websites they visit. These ads entice them to come back to your site and make a purchase or contact you if they have questions. You need a Google Ads account to set up remarketing campaigns.

6. Social Media

Many seniors aren’t using social media, but it can be a great way to market to younger generations. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, post pictures of your business and offers there. Also, connect with your customers on these networks, and build relationships by answering questions or commenting on their posts.

Hiring a social media manager may be the best way to execute an effective social media strategy. You can find these professionals on online job boards. The cost to hire a social media manager is usually between $14 and $35 per hour, but fees could be higher depending on expertise and skill set.

7. Get Professional Photos and Videos Of Your Products

The photos and videos you post on your website or other social media pages are key to getting traffic to your store. If you have a small budget, it might be worthwhile to hire a professional photographer.

Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

Business doesn’t stop once you’ve made your product. Your entire marketing strategy is an opportunity to engage with customers and show them why they need your products or services. 

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