Across the country, May 17th marks the annual parade of academic achievement and National Graduation Tassel Day. The day celebrates the accomplishments of every graduate!

Each year, auditoriums and stadiums fill with proud family and friends excited to witness the commencement ceremonies of high schools, colleges, and universities. Tassels dangle from the mortarboards in the colors of their esteemed institutions. With each gown crisply pressed, graduates and families prepare for the big day.

Graduates, as your day arrives, square your shoulders, eyes steady on the future. Pause to consider all your challenges in realizing this moment. When the principal or dean reads your name and your diploma is in hand, move your tassel.

High school and undergraduate students start with their tassels on the right and move their tassels to the left upon graduation. For those earning graduate degrees and higher, the tassel starts on the left and moves to the right upon completion of their higher-level degrees. These traditions of moving the tassel have only recently gained popularity in the last 50 years.


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Congratulations to everyone moving their tassel and graduating! Celebrate your graduates and their accomplishments. Share memories of the years leading up to your big day, too. Post a photo of your graduates with their tassels using #GraduationTasselDay.
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