An epic week in Paparazzi! #Unwritten2020

Paparazzi’s annual convention was an amazing virtual experience!  I am so grateful for our amazing founders who took the time to put all of this together even though we were refunded our convention tickets.

Here are some highlights from this week's festivities!  And don't miss the GIVEAWAY below!!!

Day 1 Kick-Off: 

We went to "Trent Church"  where founder Trent Kirby did what he does best.  Breathe life into your dreams and mindset.  He is the encouragement that we all need to carry on our shoulders.

Then we got to see the astonishing BLING OF ALL BLING when the 2020 Zi Signature Collection was unveiled.  Each piece named and designed after a consultant who was a 2020 Rock The Runway winner.  I instantly fell in love with "The Alex" who lives right here in Chattanooga, TN!  And "The LeCricia"  which is just breath taking!

Here is the 2020 Zi Signature Series

Let me know which one is your favorite....


I also was able to snatch up a few pieces of swag before the less than 60 second sell-out.  I'm oddly excited about receiving my new cup and pens.  I hope they write good!


Day 2:

Founder Chani Reeve looked amazing!  That jacket! That Jewelry! That hair!



The recognition program highlighted the amazing accomplishments of what our founders call Paparazzi's greatest accessory.... It's Consultants!

Day 3: 

 After an encouraging word from founder Ryan Reeve, we were joined again by Misty with the unveiling of our Fall Preview!!!

 OMG!  Check out just a few of the phenomenal pieces that will be arriving soon from the FALL Preview!  30 of the 35 piece sold out in less than 1 minute!!!



Day 4, The Finale:

The last morning was the last chapter of Unwritten, but this is not where this story ends. We tuned in as Founder, Misty Kirby walked us through the super trends of the fall season, complete with a look at some of the fierce new designs from the highly anticipated 2020 Fall Collection!   It almost stopped my heart!!!


Here's a SNEAK PEEK!!!

Check out this oil spill necklace Coming in the New 2020 Zi Collection.

 Adding to our $5 Fall Line up:

Men's cuff bracelets...  Whhhaaaat?

And look at these ear crawlers! EEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!!

 WOW!  What a heart stopping and exciting week in Paparazzi!!!

Business is better than ever, so what are you waiting for???

It only gets better from here.

You hold the pen!  So, start writing!

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Love, Peace, & Bling Y'all! ❤️✌🏾💎





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